Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Repeal Health Care

Wesco Urges Attorney General Zoeller to continue to pursue a legal challenge to the Federally mandated health-care bill.

Timothy Wesco applauds Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and Gov. Mitch Daniels for their leadership in seeking to repeal the federally mandated healthcare bill. Timothy urges Attorney General Zoeller to continue to pursue this path to protect Indiana from a Federal government which has deliberately placed mandates on our state which are destructive of our already stressed economy. Zoeller said Monday that he is pondering a legal challenge to the federal health-care reforms that passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Sunday night, joining the ranks of attorneys general in at least fourteen other states who have indicated an intention to challenge the constitutionality of the legislation's provision that would require citizens to buy health insurance.

The mandates this bill places on the states are unsustainable and will bankrupt the state of Indiana, forcing us to spend money we do not have. These mandates are a violation of the 10th Amendment. This is no longer just a Federal issue; the states must react immediately. In a time of economic strain, this Federal power grab--which is the largest in American history--will destroy any prospects of putting Hoosiers back to work. Indiana must lead the charge to fight this devastating tax increase which stampedes the Constitution and will actually provide much lower quality health-care for Hoosiers. It must be repealed.

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