Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tea Party Leaders endorse Wesco!

Tea Party of Michiana Action Coalition Endorses Wesco

The Tea Party of Michiana Action Coalition of Elkhart, Ind., is today officially endorsing Timothy Wesco in the May 4 primary in House District 21. This endorsement demonstrates the national Tea Party/912 activity at all spheres of political involvement from local and state, to the federal levels.

The Tea Party of Michiana Action Coalition is made up of leaders from major Tea Party/912 groups in Elkhart and St. Joe Counties; Susan Chilberg and Peter Recchio, both board members of Michiana 912, Bob Moore of Elkhart County Patriots, and Nancy Pletcher of Citizens for Personal Responsibility (CPR).

Timothy Wesco "represents the conservative ideals our movement supports, among them: a return to God's moral compass, fidelity to the constitution and the founding principles it represents, smaller government, fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, free markets, personal responsibility, accountability, and representing our voice." offered Recchio. Chilberg commented "We must return to these values and principles on the local and state levels to move the country back to its intended roots."

Moore added "We take these endorsements very seriously. We believe that these gentlemen will guide Indiana in a responsible, sustainable, and principled conservative constitutional direction." Pletcher said she "sees a renewed interest in state and local government, and its importance in the conduct of day to day governance."

Although Michiana 912 has a group non-endorsement policy, Michiana912 encourages individual members to endorse their chosen candidates, and to actively work for the campaigns of their choice.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Family Assn. PAC Endorses Wesco

Leading Pro-Family Group Endorses Timothy Wesco for State Representative!

(Indianapolis, IN) - The American Family Association of Indiana PAC announced that it has endorsed Timothy Wesco for State Representative in House District 21.

The long economic recession and the historic issues coming from Washington in recent months seem to have awakened Hoosier voters all across Indiana. With just one week left before the May 4th primary, many analysts and political observers are wondering what outcomes this increased voter interest might produce.

“One of the impacts of this politically active year is that a whole new host of candidates have stepped up to run for office. Timothy Wesco is one of the exciting new faces on the political scene in Indiana. We are very proud to stand with Tim in his run for State Representative. We believe Timothy Wesco has put together an outstanding campaign and has a bright future in Hoosier politics,” said Micah Clark, President of AFA of Indiana PAC.

“Supporting Timothy Wesco in the May 4th Primary and the November election can ensure that House District 21 maintains the pro-family and pro-life representation it has come to expect with State Representative Jackie Walorski now running for US Congress,” said Micah Clark, AFA of Indiana PAC President.

The AFA of Indiana Political Action Committee was formed in March 2006 for the purpose of educating voters about candidates who embrace traditional values and issues that impact families, churches and communities.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Indiana Family Action PAC endorses Wesco

Indiana Family Action PAC endorses Timothy Wesco

Indiana Family Action PAC today announced their endorsement of Republican candidate for House District 21, Timothy Wesco.

“Tim is a true conservative champion who shares our traditional Hoosier values,” IFA PAC Executive Director Ryan McCann said. “The freedoms we cherish are under attack now more than ever. That’s why we need strong conservative leaders like Tim Wesco fighting for us every day at the Indiana Statehouse. I’ve worked with Jackie Walorski for years down in the Indiana House of Representatives on pro-family, pro-life, pro-marriage issues and know what a fighter she is for conservative values. We need an outstanding conservative like Tim Wesco to follow in her footsteps.”

Timothy Wesco has been an outspoken advocate for traditional marriage and the lives of the unborn during his campaign for the Republican nomination for House District 21. With long-time liberal activist groups like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Indiana Equality and others attempting to socially engineer a traditionally family-friendly state into their image, it is vital that we support pro-family statesmen like Timothy Wesco.

Indiana Family Action PAC is the sister organization of Indiana Family Action and Indiana Family Institute. Indiana Family Institute is the state affiliate of Focus on the Family. Indiana Family Action PAC is committed to helping principled state leaders dedicated to pro-family values become elected public servants.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wesco Endorsed by Township Trustees

Mishawaka, IN – All seven Republican Township Trustees in House District 21 have endorsed Timothy Wesco for State Representative.

Wesco, a Penn Township Firefighter, is a staunch defender of keeping Township government. “I am committed to opposing any measure that would eliminate township government. Township government is a vital part of Indiana’s government and embodies the principle of local government that is close to the people,” says Timothy Wesco. “It efficiently provides fire protection and poor relief while remaining directly responsible to the people.”

Following is a list of the Township Trustees who have endorsed Wesco:

St. Joseph County
Kathleen Fox, Lincoln Township
Bob Feitz, Union Township
Richard Mochel, Madison Township
Sue Dittmar, Liberty Township
Elkhart County
Robert (Scotty) McLean, Union Township
Katherine Weaver, Baugo Township
Erle Hunsberger, Locke Township
Rob Thomas, Clay Township
Peg Hunsberger, Locke Township Trustee Candidate
Mark Grabill, Concord Township Trustee Candidate

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Indiana Right to Life Endorses Wesco

Indianapolis, IN - The Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee today announced its endorsement of Timothy Wesco for State Representative, House District 21, in the contested GOP primary election.

“We are proud to have received this endorsement from the state’s most influential pro-life voice in state political and legislative issues, and will look forward to working closely with Indiana Right to Life in the Statehouse,” said Timothy Wesco.

Indiana Right to Life's mission is to protect the right to life, especially of unborn children, through positive education, compassionate advocacy, and promotion of healthy alternatives to abortion.