Friday, October 1, 2010

Wesco Responds to Slanderous Attacks by Opponent; Demands Apology


Wesco's Response:

I find Mr. Fish’s attempt to impugn my character and integrity absolutely offensive. To bring up legitimate questions seeking explanation would have been acceptable. Calling me a criminal in public is not. He shamelessly claimed that I have “committed a crime” that I am illegally avoiding property taxes and that I have committed perjury. This public slander of my reputation in front of my house is completely unacceptable.

When I purchased the home earlier this year, it was not in a livable condition. Among other things, I found termite damage and other conditions that prevented the home from being occupied. As confirmed by the St. Joseph County Auditor's office, I have until December 31st to move into my home and still claim a homestead exemption for this year. By that time, I fully anticipate completing the necessary remodeling and making the home livable.

With a simple phone call to the Auditor's office or any competent attorney, Mr. Fish could have obtained this information. Rather, he hastily and recklessly scheduled a press conference and accused me of criminal activity. This is dirty and desperate politics.

I demand a public retraction of these false statements from the Fish Campaign and an apology by Mr. Fish.

Then, I hope Mr. Fish turns his attention to the real issues in this campaign, including his vision for jobs. Voters want answers, not false allegations.

Update 10/4/2010 - Prosecutor concluded that criminal charges are not appropriate in this matter. Read the prosecutor's entire statement (PDF).


  1. Mr. Wesco,

    I have known some in your extended family for quite some time. Your Aunt Rachel went to school with me at Brethren Christian School and I believe you worked with my husband at Key Stone. (Eugene Stankovich).
    I just wanted to let you know that our family is praying for you. Unfortunately we can't vote for you because we aren't in your district but we can storm the gates of heaven on your behalf.
    I was very impressed with the article that you wrote for The IAHE Informer. We teach our children at home and I pray that I do as good a job as your parents
    Thank you for your Christian witness in the public square.

    In His Service, Julie Stankovich

  2. You will never get it, he is a Democrat.