Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wesco Endorsed by Township Trustees

Mishawaka, IN – All seven Republican Township Trustees in House District 21 have endorsed Timothy Wesco for State Representative.

Wesco, a Penn Township Firefighter, is a staunch defender of keeping Township government. “I am committed to opposing any measure that would eliminate township government. Township government is a vital part of Indiana’s government and embodies the principle of local government that is close to the people,” says Timothy Wesco. “It efficiently provides fire protection and poor relief while remaining directly responsible to the people.”

Following is a list of the Township Trustees who have endorsed Wesco:

St. Joseph County
Kathleen Fox, Lincoln Township
Bob Feitz, Union Township
Richard Mochel, Madison Township
Sue Dittmar, Liberty Township
Elkhart County
Robert (Scotty) McLean, Union Township
Katherine Weaver, Baugo Township
Erle Hunsberger, Locke Township
Rob Thomas, Clay Township
Peg Hunsberger, Locke Township Trustee Candidate
Mark Grabill, Concord Township Trustee Candidate

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