Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Family Assn. PAC Endorses Wesco

Leading Pro-Family Group Endorses Timothy Wesco for State Representative!

(Indianapolis, IN) - The American Family Association of Indiana PAC announced that it has endorsed Timothy Wesco for State Representative in House District 21.

The long economic recession and the historic issues coming from Washington in recent months seem to have awakened Hoosier voters all across Indiana. With just one week left before the May 4th primary, many analysts and political observers are wondering what outcomes this increased voter interest might produce.

“One of the impacts of this politically active year is that a whole new host of candidates have stepped up to run for office. Timothy Wesco is one of the exciting new faces on the political scene in Indiana. We are very proud to stand with Tim in his run for State Representative. We believe Timothy Wesco has put together an outstanding campaign and has a bright future in Hoosier politics,” said Micah Clark, President of AFA of Indiana PAC.

“Supporting Timothy Wesco in the May 4th Primary and the November election can ensure that House District 21 maintains the pro-family and pro-life representation it has come to expect with State Representative Jackie Walorski now running for US Congress,” said Micah Clark, AFA of Indiana PAC President.

The AFA of Indiana Political Action Committee was formed in March 2006 for the purpose of educating voters about candidates who embrace traditional values and issues that impact families, churches and communities.

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